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Drunk!Clingy!2P!England X Dandere! Reader
I apologize for the  language (even if I have censored it), bad spelling, and excessive use of commas and the word 'f@#k' (it's a bad habit). I hope I got the characters right as this is my first 2P fanfic. Comments, criticism and favouriting is appreciated! But seriously....PLEASE DON'T HATE!!!
Also, this kinda long...Just a warning....
You were walking over to your friends' Al and Mat's house for a sleepover from your job at the restaurant at about 11pm. You, unlike most people, were not concerned about pedos/rapists/kidnappers/thugs ext, ext, this was mainly due to the fact that your older brother Kuro had trained you in all forms of martial arts, kendo, and insisted that you always carried at least 15 kunai and 20 shuriken with you. Your only weakness was your personal space issues. You were probably at an international level in fighting, yet a simple hug could throw you off guard. Whoever hugged you usually ended up beaten with a few broken bones. N
:iconamuletamethyst:AmuletAmethyst 374 269
America X Geek! Reader X 2P! America Part 3
You wake up to the sound of your ringtone under your pillow. You groan and hang up the phone and close your eyes to sleep again. You now here your text tone buzz under your pillow.
“Really?” you mutter lifting your head up to see who’s call and texting you.
“One missed call from Alfie, one text message from Master.” The notifications on your phone announces.
You look at the messages first to delete the message Al sent and you quickly skim over it.
“Hey Tiger, hope you're wearing what Oliver picked out, you don’t want to see what could happen if you don’t.”
You roll your eyes and delete the message and call back Alfred.
“_____ WANNA SKIP SCHOOL TODAY?” Alfred says in an excited voice.
“Why are you calling me at 6:00? I have at least another hour I could spend sleeping.”
“I’M TOO EXCITED!!” Alfred shouts making you pull away the phone from your ear.
“What are you so excited about now?
:iconsmilesonamailbox:smilesonamailbox 123 36
RandallXGLASSES!Reader: An embarrassing spectacle
(WARNING! FLUFF ALERT! All the super-sensitive of heart, file out... But I recommend reading because there are barely any Fanfictions for Randall, ESPECIALLY reader inserts)
"Class, take out a HB pencil and an eraser. We are going to do a test today." Mr. Collins announced, thrusting a slip of paper to every student. Everyone groaned in unison... Except Randall and (y/n). They accepted their sheets graciously and began hurriedly filling in the answers while others moaned and started doodling on the pages. (Y/n) smiled: if she finished, she could draw one of her many masterpieces as well, but she had to concentrate for the test first. She glanced at Randall, his determination burning into the paper. She glanced at Hershel, he emerged a pencil from the side of his large hair and glared at Randall. She looked down at her paper again. Although she was doing well in this archeology test, she couldn't seem to concentrate hard enough. She looked back up to see Randall again. He didn't notice
:iconthegoodenchantress22:TheGoodEnchantress22 14 24
Jeff the Killer - This Christmas :iconxx-mayhemonmisery-xx:Xx-MayhemOnMisery-xX 10 2 Candle Cove - The Skin Taker :iconalexachandler:alexachandler 38 6 Skin taker cosplay :iconwilliamthecoucoux:WilliamTheCoucoux 6 2 6 YEAR OLD ANIME GIRL :iconmisshungry:misshungry 1 0 MoNoLith :icongniz:gniz 55 4 To GrInD yOur SkIn :icondante6499:Dante6499 71 9 the skintaker :iconreneepierre:reneepierre 9 15 The Skin Taker :iconringoaoi-san:RingoAoi-San 99 8 The Skin Taker :iconanabeldamaso:anabeldamaso 340 52 William McGaillard, the Skin Taker :iconirkendefective:IrkenDefective 122 71 Skin-Taker :icongaaramunky:Gaaramunky 364 24 Candle Cove - The Skin Taker :iconwhitestarcyanide:WhiteStarCyanide 431 178 Skin-Taker from Candle Cove :iconscreamasinclair:ScreamaSinclair 339 45


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