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Yandere!2p!Italy x F!Reader - Dormant Beauty Pt. 1
All is calm in the (l/n) house. The only sounds heard from within are the gentle hum of the refrigerator and happy chirps of the crickets outside. In this house, in a certain bedroom, lies the resting figure of a certain ______ (l/n). You. Your breathing is calm and unlabored, a ghost of a smile graces your face, indicating a pleasant, if not happy, dream. Now, this house would have been like every other resting house on that street, you like every other resting person on that street...if not for the magenta eyes watching your sleeping form from the shadows inside your room.
Luciano Vargas had just crept inside and, after hiding himself in the nearest copse of darkness, admires your slumbering appearance with a possessive gaze. Silly little ______. You always did have a habit of sleeping with your window unlocked. The fact that it was on the second floor made no difference to Luciano, not when it came to you.
Slowly pulling out a knife that glints in the moonlight, Luciano makes his wa
:iconfiction-pixie1215:Fiction-Pixie1215 167 50
yandere bullies 2p allies x bulled chubby reader
"Yo were do you think you're going." Said a voice, you started to get nervous and turn around.
"W-what do you all want.You said and Allan smirk.
"We just wanted to teach you a lesson." He was about to beat you up but then your brother came in.
"Allan don't you *beep* dare touch my sister." You ran over and hug him.
"Come on let's go (your name)." You nod and took his hand.
(2p allies pov)
"That man keeps getting in the way of me teaching that *beep* a lesson." Al said angry.
"Well we can always teach him a lesson." Oliver said and everyone smile darkly.
(Time skip) (your pov)
"(Your name) next time your staying in class until I'll get you." You nod and head to your last class.
(Your brother name)
I head to class but then someone shove me the locker.
"What the." I look and saw Allan and vixtor.
"What do you want?" I ask and they smirk.
"You were in way of us getting (your name)."
"WHAT THE *beep* DO YOU WANT MY SISTER." I yelled.
"Oh we just want her to be our pet."
"Go to hell." Al lau
:iconwolfgirl6114:wolfgirl6114 6 0
Jeanny |2p!Austria x Reader|
Jeanny, komm, come on
Steh auf, bitte.
Du wirst ganz nass.
Schon spät, komm.
Wir müssen weg hier.
Raus aus dem Wald.
Verstehst du nicht?
He was nigh.

It was everything you could think about. You were stumbling through the woods, not even bothering your scraped knees, the deep wounds around your wrists and pieces of piano wire still attached to them, the rain falling down and drowning your clothes, making you freeze to your bones.
Once in a while a chuckle could be heard. Each time from another direction.
Each time near.
You pressed yourself up behind a tree and squeezed your eyes shut.
You tried to hold your breath by pressing your hand onto your mouth, stifling every sound, gasp or sob trying to escape you.
A muffled scream escaped you, as another hand laid itself onto yours, hot breath stroke across your ear and your neck, while a smugly grin plastered itself onto the other’s face.
“Found you.”
You struggled and tried to get away from the other pers
:iconlacunes:Lacunes 20 15
2p Belgium by yumiXtenshi 2p Belgium :iconyumixtenshi:yumiXtenshi 11 7 I made a 2p!Liechtenstein Tumblr :'D by 13rinchan I made a 2p!Liechtenstein Tumblr :'D :icon13rinchan:13rinchan 24 37 N. Italy and S. Italy by funkitty N. Italy and S. Italy :iconfunkitty:funkitty 154 5 Aph-Dear Father by AyanoHana Aph-Dear Father :iconayanohana:AyanoHana 37 15 What I truly want it's Independence LOST. by Petunia43 What I truly want it's Independence LOST. :iconpetunia43:Petunia43 28 11 Matsuda-kun by EdwardFangirl101 Matsuda-kun :iconedwardfangirl101:EdwardFangirl101 969 245 :STAMP: Platonic UK + US by hyoutas :STAMP: Platonic UK + US :iconhyoutas:hyoutas 1,103 0 Tomato box fairy stamp by Julesie Tomato box fairy stamp :iconjulesie:Julesie 2,230 137 anti USUK stamp by VanillaBlackkitty anti USUK stamp :iconvanillablackkitty:VanillaBlackkitty 207 931 Hetalia is NOT Racist by DragonsPeak30 Hetalia is NOT Racist :icondragonspeak30:DragonsPeak30 168 144 ANTI GerIta Stamp by Stanxiety ANTI GerIta Stamp :iconstanxiety:Stanxiety 113 410
2P!Hetalia-Human names List
Bolded names are the official/more popular names that the characters have. The non bolded names are other names that the character is known by. You may suggest a name that is not on the list and I will add it~ :3
2P!Italy - Luciano Vargas/ Luchiano Vargas/ Narciso Vargas/ Fiorello Vicente Vargas/ Drago Bassi 
2P!Germany - Lutz Beilschmidt/ Sigmund Beilschmidt/ Lorring Beilschmidt/ Heinrich Beilschmidt/ Reinhardt Siegfried/ Siegfried Beilschmidt
2P!Japan - Kuro Honda/ Kuro Yamaoto/ Honda Aoi 
2P!Romano - Flavio Vargas/ Leonardo Vargas/ Angelo Vargas/ Callisto Vargas
2P!Spain - Andres Fernandez Carriedo/ Alejandro/ Santiago/ Raul/ Severino Carriedo/ Santiago Carriedo/ Andrez Carriedo Fernandez
2p!Prussia - Klaus Beilschmidt/ Gilen Beilschmidt/ Paul Wielschmidt/ Kaiser Beilschmidt/ Wolfgang/ Akbar Beilschmidt/ Sigmund Beilschmidt
:iconshysiesta:ShySiesta 213 131
2p!Vampire!Japan X Abused Reader Ch 2
You jumped awake from your sleep, your leg hitting the side of the car door.
“You okay back there, (Name)?” your mom asked from the drivers seat.
“Yeah…” you replied and looked out the window, watching the trees and buildings past by.
You and your mom have just moved to Japan from (country name) and you were on your way to your old summer house that you and your family used to go to every summer.
Why you were moving? About a month ago, your father (who hated you since the minute you were born) had abused you and it nearly cost you your life.
You see, your father owned this dumb industry back home and when he found out that your mom was pregnant, he was proud that he would have a son to help run the industry when he retires. Or so he thought.
It turns out that your mother was having a daughter, not a son, which made your father quite upset. When you were born and first placed in your mother’s arms, he decided that even if you weren’t a boy, you
:iconpurplepearlvoice35:PurplePearlVoice35 87 16


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